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Friday, March 20 at 7pm
Saturday, March 21 at 7pm
Sunday, March 22 at 1pm

It's that time again!!! Ice Show season is officially here!
The costumes are being designed, the numbers are being choreographed and the skaters will soon be learning their roles in our fabulous production!

RESPONSIBILITIES: Monitors will be responsible to a group of skaters in any one number. Job duties include everything from getting all skaters in your assigned group dressed, skates laced, costumes collected/re-hung/organized, and requires supervision in the room the ENTIRE time the skaters are there. Three monitors will be assigned to each number and will be selected on a first come first serve basis. Monitor duties can be shared with a group of parents so that you can have an opportunity to see the show, but the job does require a commitment to the ENTIRE GROUP, not just your son or daughter.

Traffic backstage will be STRICTLY controlled this year as safety is our biggest concern! Having clear walkways for groups of skaters entering and leaving the ice is essential; therefore, parent volunteers will be granted access backstage ONLY if able to commit to Room Monitor duties as specified. If you care to watch the show, this job is not right for you. You will be expected to remain backstage the entire time. Check with the other committees if you’d like to volunteer. Questions? See Mary Beth Scalzo at the rink or call 725-9887.

Please look for sign up sheets or call MaryBeth 725-9887, Tammy 264-9417 , or Kevin 737-1710.

Ads are coming in for our program book. Don’t forget, ads really help to cover our expenses. Dues alone do not cover our ice costs for our skating program. Ice Show season is the perfect opportunity to approach businesses and individuals who might wish to advertise their services while supporting our club and the sport of figure skating. Business and Personal Ad Forms have been included; feel free to make as many copies as needed.

T-shirts will be available for purchase on a pre-order basis only. Watch for order forms. No t-shirts will be available for purchase at the show. Please order NOW!! Payment is due with order.

Copies of the poster will be available to be disturbed to area businesses and locations throughout our area.

DVDS & Blu-Ray
DVDS & Blu-Rays will be available for purchase again this year so that you have a lasting memento of your child’s performance. Forms will be available at the show to order your copy.

Ask any Ice Show Committee Chairperson (Mary Beth Scalzo, Tammy Jannone, or Kevin Lloyd) and they will point you in the right direction. Watch your mail for the Ice Show week Practice Schedule and other important show information during the month of March. Also for any last minute changes please read the announcements on the club bulletin board.



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When is the show? The performances will be on Friday evening at 7:00, Saturday evening at 7:00 and Sunday afternoon at 1:00pm.

How many performances will each skater be in? All CFSC members are expected to perform in all four shows.

Who runs the show? You Do!! The show is produced almost totally by club volunteers. The Ice Show general chairman heads up operations. Starting in August, the Ice Show committee meets to select theme, music and numbers. Over 150 volunteers steered our production last season. Hats off to them all.

How is casting done? Casting is done by our Ice Show Committee. The primary function is to make decisions that will promote the overall look of the show. Every effort is made to be fair to every skater. There are two designations for casting: GROUP NUMBERS and PRINCIPAL NUMBERS. Group numbers: skaters are cast according to their badge or test level as of Novembers test session. Other considerations that may affect casting are age and size of skater, number of skaters at a particular level, lesson day and MOST importantly the overall look of the show. Principal Numbers: These skaters are cast according to their highest USFS test level passed and at the discretion of the Ice Show Committee.

How are costumes selected and made? The Ice Show Creative Committee in conjunction with the Costume Chairperson select costumes to correspond to the theme and to fit the music and choreography of each number. The vast majority of our costumes must be sewn by club members. If you have any sewing experience, please volunteer to help out our costume committee. When you sign up to skate at registration, you will be asked to fill out some size information. It is critical that you be as accurate as possible! Without an accurate height and weight we cannot begin to guess your childish size. Be sure to specify adult or child sizes and if you have any doubt, order a size larger. It is easier to alter a costume that is too big than one that is too small.

When does practice begin for the show? Practice begins four weeks prior to the show. You will receive a practice schedule in the mail a few weeks before that time. Group numbers will be scheduled for approximately four 30 minute practices, one each week. You must be available for the entire four weeks of practices. Every minute of rehearsal time is critical. Please plan on arriving 10 minutes early to ensure that your skater is on the ice in a timely manner. Ice Show week will have a separate practice schedule. This will be mailed out closer to the start of the show.

What/When is picture night? Picture night is an opportunity to have professional photos taken of every group in the ice show. It will be scheduled in the later part of February. We expect 90% of all costumes to be done by then, however there are some instances when that is not possible. We do everything in our power to ensure that all costumes look great. Each group number is featured in our program and each skater will have a chance to purchase these group photos. Every skater may also have an individual photo taken for purchase as well. You will receive more information about picture night from your Costume Group Chairperson. Each group will have a scheduled photo time. If you miss this, you will not be pictured in the program but you can certainly still skate in the show.

How do we pay for Fantasy on Ice? The club incurs tremendous costs in putting on this show. All club members are required to pay an assessment fee for tickets as part of their membership fees which is primarily used to cover the ice costs and pro fees. All costumes will be provided with the exception of tights. Principle skaters are responsible for their own costumes as approved by the Creative chairperson. No skater will be allowed to participate in the show if membership fees are not paid in full by show time.

Do I need to help? Our entire show is put together by VOLUNTEERS. This is the only way this show can happen. The Ice Show Chairperson and Committee put in countless hours working towards the success of the show. Please indicate at the ice show information table which areas you feel you can lend a hand. Remember, this show can not happen without YOU! See attached for the committees that need your help.

What happens Ice Show Week? Plan on being at the rink every evening of Ice Show week to the conclusion of our show on Sunday. Long evenings require lots of patience from both parent and skaters! Please try to provide some activity to keep your child busy during this time. Limited space is available backstage during this week. Volunteer sign-up sheets for dressing room helpers will be available in Mid February through the creative chairperson. More information to follow.

What happens at lighting Rehearsal and Dress Rehearsal? Lighting rehearsal is a full run through of both first and second half with full lights and props. The Costume chairperson will ask three skaters from each group to dress in costume for lighting practice. No make up is needed. Dress Rehearsal is a full run through of the entire show with full costumes, light and props. No make up is needed. As with many performances, the dress rehearsal is critical for the success of our show. This is where all the final details are worked out, and often runs longer than planned. Every attempt is made to have the very youngest skaters scheduled in the first half so that they can go home earlier. First half generally runs 5:00pm-7:15pm Second half 7:15-9:30.These times are subject to change. Both of these nights are school nights. We know this is not ideal for younger children, but unfortunately it is unavoidable. Planning ahead with schoolwork and/or a nap that day may be helpful for many skaters. All skaters must exit the arena by 10:00pm each night, and must attend school the following day.

What happens on show days? Skaters and volunteers need to arrive 40 to 45 minutes prior to show time. This will leave plenty of time to change into costumes and apply makeup. All costumes are to stay in the Arena at all times. Room assignments will be posted on Tuesday night. Please report to your assigned dressing room upon arrival. Once you are in costume, you will not be allowed upstairs. Parents that do not volunteer on that particular day, MUST purchase tickets to the show. First half skaters may leave after the first half finale is done. Fantasy on Ice is intended to be a fun and memorable experience for the skaters. For many, if not most of them, it is the highlight of the skating year. They love to show off their accomplishments. With everyone's help, it can be rewarding and fun not only for the cast, but for all the people who work on the show as well.
So, Thank you in advance for all your help and hard work.

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Fantasy On Ice Volunteer Descriptions:

General Chairperson: This critical position is responsible for the coordination and management of the entire show. The chairperson will report regularly to the Board of Directors and will prepare a report of the procedures and outcome of the show.

Ice Show Committee: Represented by the Creativity, Support and Production Chairpersons, these three individuals work directly with the general chairperson in overseeing the show and are responsible for specific areas designed to promote the overall outcome.

Creativity Committees:

Costume Chairperson: Must be a good communicator. Works directly with the creativity chairperson. Organizes individual group chairpersons. Selects, designs, and fits costumes. Attends regular ice show meetings. Available for picture night, all rehearsal nights, and all ice show performances. Must know how to sew.

Individual Group Chairperson: 1 or 2 people needed. Sewing not required. Works closely with the Costume chairperson. Responsible for fitting each skater in the group to a costume selected by the Costume Chairperson. Responsible for all costume and accessory completion for picture night. Maintains the overall look of the costumes during the shows and is required to be backstage during the shows.

Music Committee: Selects music for each number in the show. A broad range of music is needed for different levels and styles of skating.

Creative Props Committee: People with great ideas. Works with the professional staff in selecting props to be used with each number. Also selects props to be used for picture night.

Backstage: 3 per room per show. Good communicator. Organize skaters, helps with costumes and skates. Keeps skaters quiet and occupied during rehearsals and shows. Keeps costumes neat and orderly.

Make Up: 4-5 Moms needed. Helps with the selection of and application of make up on skaters during all shows.

Production Committees:

Lighting: Runs spots or assists with set up and /or take down of lighting. Required to be at lighting rehearsal night as well as show nights.

Props: Highly creative and talented people needed to design, construct, and paint props for picture night and show.

Parking: Not needed until show time. Handles shuttle transportation and set up. Responsible for Arena lot parking.

Ushers: Not Needed until Show Nights. Need lots of ushers. Responsible for seating of patrons. Places group sales.

Backstage Crew: Needed at show time only. Helps with placement of props on the ice during shows.

Backdrop: Men needed to paint and set up backdrop. To be done Saturday or Sunday ice show week.

Video Crew: Tapes each show. Promotes sale of DVD's
Copies and distributes DVD

Support Committees:
Photographs/Picture Night: Selects photographer, Helps and organizes picture night, Good job for friends.

Program Book: Expertise in desktop publishing needed. Assistants needed. Works closely with Ad sales Leader.

Ad Sales: Help sell ads for program book. Easy to do. We really need YOUR HELP HERE.

Program Book Sales: Needed at show time. Sell programs to patrons during show time.

Social Functions: Help with cast party after Friday nights show. Decorations needed. Fun!!!

Publicity: Help get the word out. Radio, newspaper, schools around town.

Tickets: Hand out tickets to membership starting in January. Work information table until Show time. Collect membership ticket money during ice show weekend.

Group Ticket Sales: Contact area organizations (Girl Scouts, Church Groups, Elderly Homes, Youth Organizations) for group discounted rates and priority seating sales. Aggressive people needed. Creative ideas sought. Can be done in advance.

Corporate Sponsors: Acquire donations from area corporations to be used to offset production costs.

Vendors: Find suitable vendors for lobby during shows.

50/50 Raffle: Help sell tickets for raffle during show times. Highly energetic people needed.

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